The biggest fashion trend this season is the arrival of the British style for 2018

The United Kingdom is one of the most fashionable countries in Europe. Fashion designers and clothing brands are not taking any chances and are trying to go big by creating a super style for 2018.

For this reason, in 2017 many local brands sent their official models to London to show off their fashion designs. But the business models of these designers have changed since then – they suddenly find it hard to sustain the demand for their clothes and have lowered prices. So now lots of local companies decided to send their models abroad – in order to better reach overseas markets, especially China and Asia where consumption is growing fast.

Our society and cultural values have changed dramatically in recent years. From the military, to the passive and commercialized society, we are moving in a direction of more customization of clothes, social-media behavior and fashion trends.

The industry is still at an early stage of development but some companies, like MiFIDUS , are successfully going through the necessary steps to become active players in this world.

Fashion, clothes and style is one of the most in-demand fields and it remains as such for very long. Fashion may be a science and a great art, but it takes time to get access to the highly desirable trends. It is also very hard to do so by oneself.

As a result, there are those who invest their time and money in finding and developing new trends inside fashion houses or fashion boutiques.

Even though this work can be done without much expertise or skill, the results are usually not what one would expect from someone who is just looking for an article idea. The authors of this post discussed some important factors that you should consider when working with a fashion designer – where they come from, how they were educated etc.

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