In this section, we will introduce what a fashion designer is and how they design clothes

Then we will show the main characteristics of fashion and how to use them to your advantage.

It seems impossible to capture the essence of fashion in just a few words. The world has turned into a big fashion industry, but one cannot see it all. Fashion is a language in itself and there are different languages used by designers. What does it mean to be fashion? To make people think differently about clothes and articles that they wear? What does this look like in terms of our body language, behaviour and emotions? As an entertainment industry designer, I can tell you that we want to communicate what we feel about our product through the way we dress up – whether it is the way we sit or stand or how we walk into a room.

It is difficult for humans to convey their feelings to each other through words alone. People need visual cues and facial expressions too – which can help them understand what we.

The UK is considered to be the fashion capital of Europe. With its vibrant culture, numerous brands and designers, great beaches, lots to see and do in London and a daily dose of the news from across the UK, it’s no wonder that its tourist industry continues to grow.

For thousands of years fashion has been an important part of people’s lives. Fashions change regularly as our tastes grow more sophisticated. It’s exciting when new clothing fashions emerge but equally as exciting when old ones disappear.

Who likes to wear the latest fashions and trends? How does that affect their work-life balance?

A fashion assistant is an individual who knows a lot about fashion and can help someone develop a special style. They are not just a designer, they are a stylist. They can help you find the right look, make sure that everything fits nicely together in your wardrobe and advise you when you have to buy something new. It is estimated that there are more than 5 million women working in this field around the world.

Welcoming back from a long break from our blog and this time it’s not about the luxury of one-on-one coaching with a trainer but on these very topic.

What I want to give you today is knowledge about UK and its fashion industry. In this regard we must also mention that all fashion related terms are actually derived from or have been influenced by French term féminin (feminine) and the opposite is „masculin” (masculine).

The word British, as well as the term English, comes directly out of French „Anglais”. The meaning of the word was a way to describe the people living in England. It was used in those days to refer to people who were natives of England, while they were often called English.

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