In 2018, the UK government introduced a new fashion code

This code is meant to make shoppers more aware of what they are buying. Some 75% of shoppers said that they were unhappy with the way clothing companies displayed their clothes and 70% said that they were unhappy with the way shopping assistants explained how clothes fit.

„Fashion is a universal language. You can talk about fashion with any fashionista from Seattle to Milan. Fashion today speaks to everyone, regardless of their age or income, culture or geographic location. This is because there is no other way for us to communicate about the clothes we wear. We live in a global world and we need global language.”

„For decades, the international fashion industry effectively froze as a result of an economic recession and regulatory complexities.”

In the past, fashion was more of a luxury; now we have t-shirts, jeans, blouses and other casual clothes being produced in a factory industry all over the world.

With the advance of technology and innovation, fashion designs have changed from simple to more complicated.

In the past, people used to show their clothes to make them easier to do up, but today, designers are experimenting with materials such as nylon and polyester. They are also exploring new technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting. However, many fashion models still choose traditional methods of making clothes – sewing or embroidery. The designs can be further enhanced by using computer graphics or 3D printing techniques in zder to create a realistic look.

Fasion, fashion and clothes are in high demand in many countries around the world. Therefore, fashion is an area that needs collaboration with digital agencies.

Introduction: Fashion is a growing industry. So it requires more expertise and attention to detail than others. Many digital agencies are working on this idea of fashion creation, but they cannot afford the time and money to be there all the time for their clients. The company needs someone to take over their duties as a creative agent for them in order to focus on their own projects or services that require skills like creativity, design thinking and branding consultancy.

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