Fashion is the desire to be oneself by wearing clothes

It is one of the most important factors for people. It defines who you are and what your style is. It carries a lot of meaning to people and has always been at the heart of fashion styles across all eras from ancient times to the present day. At Hervey, we look forward to reflecting on this strong link between fashion and culture over coming years in our work as we work towards defining cultural trends globally through our virtual brands Ivory & Rose as well as developing new innovations that add value to our clients’ wardrobe needs.

On the topic of fashion and lifestyle, the United Kingdom is probably one of the most fashion-focused countries in the world.

Many people living in this country are interested in learning about new trends, fashion, and how to look different. For example, there is a huge market for fur coats, jewelry and sunglasses in many different ethnic groups all throughout Europe. With our government dedicating on arts funding to support young talent like artists and musicians especially from Britain; it’s no surprise that more and more people are starting to wear some form of fur coat or other clothing items, even if it is not fashionable all the time.

The GQ Style Guide aims to offer guidance on how outfits should be presented with respect towards culture and geography while being approachable for everyone regardless of their gender.

The UK is known for its fashion. This is also reflected in design, make-up, and car culture. In fact, the term “fashion” is one of the oldest words in history. A recent study found that 56% of people define fashion as “the way something looks” or “the way a person dresses or acts”.

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